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Other deposition systems

Bestec provides customized deposition systems with different possible deposition techniques different from magnetron sputtering with different deposition geometries, chamber base pressure and sample manipulation. These deposition techniques can be either e-beam evaporation, thermal evaporation, (organic) effusion cells or ion beam sputtering or any combination of them.

Typical design parameters

  • Depending on user requests several deposition sources are possible in one chamber, incl. different type of sources.
    • Possible source type is E-Beam evaporator, thermal evaporator, (organic) effusion cell deposition cluster, Ion beam sputtering and others.
  • Each source can be equipped with its own source shutter.
  • Typical sample temperature of -100°C up to +1000°C possible.
  • Continuous sample rotation possible.
  • Typically full software control incl. automatic deposition process.


  • Additional gas inlet at the chamber or manipulator possible.
  • Ion source for sample precleaning, oxidation or ion beam assisted deposition.
  • Motor driven wedge shutter.
  • Thickness sensor for rate checking or regulation at beginning of deposition process as well as thickness endpoint detection.
  • Pneumatic or motor driven source translation.

Selected Projects